Make Mindful Communication Your Goal this Fall

As companies evolve and become increasingly more diverse, the need for meaningful communication is essential for a successful workplace with employees who have differing backgrounds and perspectives. The Glasscock School is introducing a new course that delves into the theory, process and method behind mindful communication with an innovative format including interactive group activities, games and individual practice. Elements of Mindful Communication Practices will consist of immediate takeaway tools to implement in daily situations and improve your personal and professional life.

“It is never too late to become more self-aware as this will allow us to communicate more effectively and efficiently in and outside of the workplace,” said Sylvia Sundqvist, Mindful Communication Practices instructor. “Regardless of change, when we can communicate with others from an inner awareness along with an appreciation of the potentially different values of others, we are more capable of connecting from a place of mutual respect and consideration. This allows us to collaborate in ways that are more fulfilling and effective.”

Ms. Sundqvist’s passion for mindful communication is reflected in her upcoming course designed to help participants discover a deeper sense of consideration for themselves and others. This leads to better communication with less chance of misunderstanding and will help participants develop their authentic leadership style. She has an active curiosity for how people communicate, how it works best, and what happens when communication is ineffective.

“It is easy to jump to a reactionary mode, and since I began mindful communication practices, I am much more aware of my own self, my reactions, my triggers and my way of being in the world,” Sundqvist said. “I am able to make conscious choices of how I wish to interact with others. Instead of acting in reaction to events around me, I am now able to take a deep breath, notice what is happening and craft a response with insight and compassion for myself and others. This is also important in my personal life because it allows me to find my voice more clearly and to speak from a place of deeper authenticity.”

Ms. Sundqvist is the president of Houston’s Nonviolent Communication chapter and has spent many years exploring nonviolent communication (NVC) and the practice of Authentic Relating games. She’s lived in seven countries and has gained exposure to many different work environments throughout her career. Currently, she is working on global knowledge management initiatives for a Fortune 500 company.

Mindful Communication Practices incorporates nonviolent communications, a process recognized and practiced worldwide. This course is intended for anyone looking to enhance their connections through mindfulness, compassionate communication (nonviolent communication) and authentic leadership.

Class begins September 13. Register today by visiting

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