Kim McGaw to present at upcoming SXSWedu Conference

Improv and Zombies will take center stage as Kim McGaw, director of professional programs, presents at the South by Southwest Education Conference (SXSWedu® ) in Austin on March 9. McGaw is showcasing an interactive workshop that aims to inspire instructors to create a more engaging atmosphere for the online classroom.

“The biggest growth area for higher education is the online classroom,” McGaw said. “Virtual classrooms are havens for zombies — zoned out, multitasking students who don’t actively participate. Instructors must be proactive in finding new ways to motivate students and ensure they are not only involved, but enthusiastic in understanding the material in an online atmosphere.”

Attendees of this workshop will leave with a toolkit of improv games and new strategies and activities to implement in their instruction.

Crawfish Festival

McGaw has been the director of professional programs for the Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies for more than two years. With a unique professional background, the Northwestern graduate studied improv at ImprovOlympic and the conservatory program at the famed Second City in Chicago. Pulling techniques from these experiences, she is sharing her passion for innovative instruction in a spring course at the Glasscock School. In the Foundations of Creative Problem Solving course, participants will learn by doing in a fun, collaborative environment that will help stimulate creativity and discover ways to reframe and solve problems.

The annual SXSWedu Conference focuses on the innovation of learning. As part of her participation in SXSWedu, McGaw was featured in the Austin Chronicle.

Congratulations, Kim!

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