A Brain Changer

Improv MovementPersonal expression is not only the words you choose or the manner in which you convey those words. The way you use your body – with coworkers, with family members, with any group – communicates more than you might think and may sometimes hinder effective collaboration.

In a first for the Glasscock School, dancer and native Houstonian Leslie Scates will lead the “Improvisational Creative Movement Workshop” in which you will learn movement exercises that promote personal expression and collaboration.

“I teach individuals to notice habituated movement and choice-making patterns. Then, through limiting movement options and compositional choices, fresh decisions are forced, new neural pathways are created,” Scates told the Houston Press when it included her in its list of 100 Creatives in 2014.

“Improvisational Creative Movement Workshop” begins soon – Thursday, February 25. Register individually or with a friend.

“It’s a brain changer and it’s giant fun,” Scates said.

Watch a video of Leslie Scates’ teaching approach.

Credits: Video courtesy of CreativeMornings Houston, with videography by Jonathan and Ian Leonard. Featured image by DABphoto: Laura Gutierrez, Candace Ratliffe, Jacquelyne Boe, Kara Gray, Gibson Hall. Inset: A group practicing ensemble thinking. Photo by Simon Gentry.

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