Space City as an Archaeological Site?

For better or worse, Houstonians typically don’t look back. We drive ahead full-throttle, looking for the newest and best ways to sustain and grow our city.

But like other great cities of the world, Houston has a history rich with details that – when we take the time to uncover them – help us better understand our ancestors and our environment and thus perhaps better able to navigate our future.

Cotton field overviewIn the course, “Houston Archaeology,” local archaeologists and historians will offer behind-the-scenes stories of several Houston-area excavations, including Freedman’s Town, the city’s oldest African-American community; Frost Town, an early German-American community;  San Jacinto, where Texans won their independence from Mexico;  and Camp Logan, a World War I Army training camp located in what is now Memorial Park.

Our speakers will also explore the ethics of archaeology and share opportunities for ordinary citizens to become involved in archaeology. The final session of the course will be a field trip to a local archaeological site or lab.

Houston Archaeology” begins Monday, February 15. Register now.

Image credits: Excavation at Cotton Field, an archaeology site near Houston.
Photos courtesy of Don Keyes.

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