ESL students go to see “The Greatest Show on Earth”

ESL Students Visit the Circus

July is one of the best months to be a student in the Intensive English Program, because Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus comes to town! This week ESL students visited NRG Stadium to see “The Greatest Show on Earth,” featuring all of the classic circus favorites: heart-stopping acrobatics, feisty big cats, a menagerie of other performing animals (including kangaroos and llamas), and an ever boisterous troupe of clowns. Our students were especially enthusiastic about the “globe of steel;” a sixteen-foot steel cage in which eight performers on motorbikes crisscrossed in every direction at sixty-five miles per hour … and managed to ride out triumphantly unscratched. Other favorites were the equestrian stunts and trapeze artists. We are already looking forward to bringing our students to the circus next year!





Savannah Burch, Enrollment Coordinator

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