Advisory Board Member Spotlight: Harriet Foster

Harriett and Joe Foster

Harriet Foster served on the Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies advisory board from 2009 to 2014, but her involvement in Houston goes back much further. Foster, a native Houstonian, attended Rice University with the class of 1958 and has always had a keen interest in education. She and her husband, Joe, have established scholarships at Rice, Texas A&M, Houston Community College and the University of St. Thomas. The Fosters also have a foundation that grants scholarships to outstanding high school students who have been involved with their neighborhood YMCA.

In addition to education, Foster’s philanthropic efforts can be seen throughout Houston as an active volunteer. She serves on numerous boards including Houston Hospice, Houston Community College Foundation, Houston Foundation, Christus Foundation for Healthcare and Catholic Charities. She and her husband also helped contribute to the construction of the Glasscock School’s new home, the D. Kent and Linda C. Anderson and Robert L. and Jean T. Clarke Center. A 60-person classroom was named in their honor. We asked Foster to share some of her fondest memories with the Glasscock School and what she is currently involved with.

How did you first become involved with the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies?
Both Joe and I have taken courses at the school and thoroughly enjoyed them. We are also friends of Mel and Susie Glasscock and got further involved through that connection.

What did you enjoy most about your time serving on the advisory board?
My time on the advisory board was so interesting. The advisory board meetings were very informative and I enjoyed getting to know the other members. It was wonderful to help in some small way to raise the money for the building and see the project be such a success.

Since stepping down from the advisory board last year, are there any new projects you’re working on?
Joe and I have become deeply involved in the fundraising for an amazing project for the YMCA Miracle League. We are helping to build a Miracle League Field and playground at the Langham Creek YMCA for children with special needs. I could go on about this project for hours as it is really an exciting and rewarding project. It is pure joy to watch these children as they get to experience sports in the same ways as everyone else.

Now that the Anderson-Clarke Center is open, what impact will it have on the future of continuing education?
The impact is huge – it has already allowed the school to expand and grow to meet the needs of the community. It is also exciting to see the building become a place that welcomes kids and adults to the Rice University campus. Every time I have been to the building since it opened it feels to be brimming with activity. It is wonderful to see the building so full and with so many new faces and is great for Houston.

What have been some of your favorite Continuing Studies classes?
Over the years, Joe has really enjoyed the writing classes and I have loved the classes on history taught by Joseph McFadden, Ph.D. There are so many classes from which to choose!

Thank you, Harriet, for your service and support of the Glasscock School. Your counsel has been greatly appreciated.

Rachael Shappard


Rachael Shappard, Marketing Coordinator

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