Insider Perspectives: The Master of Arts in Teaching for Experienced Teachers

The Teacher Education program at Rice University offers an opportunity for experienced teachers to earn their Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT). Designed for those who have already been teaching in the classroom, the MAT for Experienced Teachers provides professional education courses that address the advanced needs of these seasoned educators. We recently had the opportunity to visit some of the current MAT for Experienced Teachers students in their classrooms and asked them to share their perspectives and experiences in the program.

Paul Provence has been teaching for nine years and enjoys his current position teaching at the YES Prep North Forest campus. He decided to enroll in the MAT program to enhance his knowledge of student-centered, inquiry-based learning.

Gerald Thurmond has been teaching for 22 years and decided to enroll in the MAT program to increase his pedagogical knowledge and to effectively incorporate technology in his lesson plans, something that was not covered when he was earning his first degree.

With this new knowledge, these teachers can return to their campuses and create enhanced environments in their classroom that foster creative learning. Since they continue to teach as they are enrolled in the program, the effects on their students can be immediate. These teachers also help build a stronger professional support system on their campuses by becoming teacher leaders. Since entering the program, Thurmond has been promoted to be an instructional coach in his district.

Visit our website,, to learn more about the Master of Arts in Teaching for Experienced Teachers and the other programs offered by Teacher Education.

Laura Bailey


Laura Bailey, Marketing Coordinator

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