The Art of Instruction

Image of the Instructor Art Gallery at the Anderson-Clarke Center

All of our instructors here at the Glasscock School are so much more than instructors: They’re experts who are active in their fields and teaching is just one of the ways they contribute to their area of expertise. The studio art and photography instructors are no exception. However, instead of having a long list of academic achievements and books they authored in their bio, the studio art instructors have a long list of global exhibitions, awards and publications where their work has appeared and been honored.

Intructor Art Gallery 2Our studio art and photography instructors can now add “The Anderson-Clarke Center” exhibition space to that list. In January, a display of our studio art and photography instructors’ work was installed in the second floor lounge area. The goal of this exhibit is to celebrate the creativity of our instructors and to inspire students to explore our studio art and photography courses.

The idea for this exhibition emerged from a discussion during a meeting of the recently formed Glasscock School of Continuing Studies Art Committee. Director of Community Programs, Cathy Maris, serves on this committee and further discusses the reasoning behind this decision. “We organized this exhibit to highlight the diverse artistic talents of the Glasscock School’s studio art and photography instructors. We all know our instructors as exceptional educators, but they are also enormously talented practicing artists. Their teaching is grounded in a deep understanding of the joys and challenges of being working artists. Our instructors’ artwork has been exhibited locally and in galleries and museums around the world. The Glasscock School Art Committee was delighted to have the opportunity to showcase their work in our new building. We hope that it will serve as inspiration to our students and our community.”

Next time you are in the Anderson-Clarke Center, come up to the second floor student lounge and see what our instructors have to offer. Perhaps it will motivate you to dust off that camera or those watercolors and colored pencils you used once. And if it’s guidance you need, don’t worry, you can sign up for a class in the fall with our in-house experts.

Laura Bailey


Laura Bailey, Marketing Coordinator

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