Don’t Let Your Environment Bring You Down

Feng Shui

The apartment is in total disarray – cause unknown, a character enters, looks around and comments that the feng shui is off. Commonly known as a punch-line to a bad joke in America, the principles and practices of feng shui have guided the Chinese people for at least 3,000 years. This fall, become more informed about the art of feng shui and how it can increase your harmony and balance with your surroundings at the Glasscock School with Chao-Chiung (C.C.) Lee in The Way of Harmony: Feng Shui and Western Design Concepts.

Mr. Lee is the president and CEO of STOA Architects. He developed the TEA or Total Environmental Alignment system as a modern name for the ancient practice of feng shui. Through the HDA or Holistic Design Approach, TEA uses the COMPLENTTS method: Colors, Orientation, Material, People, Landscape, Elements, Numbers, Technology, Timing and Shapes to achieve a balanced and harmonious condition for facilities designed by STOA. Mr. Lee believes these methods can enhance the occupant’s quality of life.

STOA combines the TEA system with green building concepts to create their unique design method, the GREEN-TEA approach. Mr. Lee believes that by combining these two parts, the best suitable living environment for human beings can be achieved. He states, “The GREEN-TEA approach helps us focus on ‘People,’ balanced with other ‘external factors,” such as the environment. Another factor that Mr. Lee strives to keep balanced in his designs is “Qi” the energy field of both people and everything else surrounding them. This balance is getting increasingly hard to maintain with the rise of personal electronics whose Qi can overshadow that of the natural environment.

The feng shui principle is used in all of Mr. Lee’s designs as much as possible and he also lives according to the principal. The most common misconception about feng shui that he encounters is that “people consider it is superstitious, however, Feng Shui is very logical and is a result of 5000 years of Chinese living experience, it is a result of statistics.”

Mr. Lee hopes that in addition to a greater understanding of feng shui, participants will take away a more positive attitude to their lives, with a holistic view of our total environment and our own life journey. Join us this fall to see how you can reach a greater accord with your surroundings.

Laura Bailey


Laura Bailey, Marketing Coordinator

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