Making the Grade

APSI Participants at LunchOne benchmark of success in continuing education is longevity. When you reach milestones, you know that you must be doing something right. This is certainly true of the Center for College Readiness’ (CCR) Advanced Placement Summer Institute (APSI). The APSI was the first teacher professional development offering in what would eventually become CCR, and this summer both celebrated a shared 20-year anniversary during the three-week program running from July 15-August 1.

APSI began in 1995 as a one-week program offering 12 courses for new and experienced Advanced Placement (AP) teachers. In the following 20 years, it has expanded into a two- and now a three-week program offering 80 courses for new and experienced AP and pre-AP teachers. Concurrently, CCR has continued to grow, educating more than 8,000 students and teachers in the 2013-14 academic year.

Congratulations to the Center for College Readiness. We are excited for the next 20 years!

View an image gallery on Facebook from this year’s three weeks of APSI.

Bret Newcomb


Bret Newcomb, Marketing Specialist

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