Something for Everyone

Fall 2014 Catalog CoverWe’re excited to announce that our fall courses are now open for registration. “Whether you prefer classes in the morning, afternoon or evening, our fall course lineup provides a variety of learning opportunities. There’s something for everyone,” says Steve Garfinkel, director of community programs.

Below is a list of several personal development courses that are new this fall, but visit to see the full listing. Hope to see you on campus soon!

New Personal Development Courses:

Arts, Humanities and Sciences

  • America’s Music, 1910-1920
  • A Brief History of the Soul
  • Monet and the River Seine


  • Harold Prince’s Broadway Reign
  • Profiles From the Past: Famous Figures in Western History
  • Religious Diversity and Understanding in Today’s World
  • Whodunits at Home and Across the Pond


  • Biodiversity: A Wildlife and Ecosystem Necessity
  • Inside the 2014 Midterm Elections
  • Key Events That Shaped Our Planet
  • Larger-Than-Life Figures in Houston’s Past
  • The Monstrous Run of Universal Studios in the 1930s
  • The Multifaceted Life of Thomas Jefferson
  • Perspectives on U.S. Surveillance and Intelligence


  • Hands-On Cooking With Chef Roger: Grand Buffet
  • Tibetan Sound Healing Meditation


  • Songwriting and Music Composition for Beginners

Creative Writing

  • Introduction to Screenwriting

Personal Finance

  • A Consumer’s Guide to the Financial Advice Industry

Kim Espinosa


Kim Espinosa, Marketing Specialist

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