The Secret to Happiness

Happy girl

Happy  girlIf you’ve ever wondered why some people seem to have achieved a generally happy life or bounce noticeably back more quickly after disappointments than others, you’re not alone. While some of that may actually just be a result of false Facebook perfection, countless legitimate studies have attempted to find the “secret to happiness” by studying truly happy people. Many psychologists have concluded that life satisfaction is associated with attitudes, skills, essential traits, strengths and virtues including: kindness, humor, originality, optimism and generosity. Fortunately, this means using what psychologists have learned can help lead you to a life of greater fulfillment, higher pleasure and better health, and who doesn’t want that?

Beginning February 26, you can join clinical psychologist Roberta Diddel, Ph.D., in “The Psychology of Happiness: Using Positive Psychology to Enhance Life” to discuss how you can make this research work for you in enjoying a happy and healthy life.

Kim Espinosa


Kim Espinosa, Marketing Specialist

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