The Camera That is With You All the Time


iPhone Photo by instructor Tom Flaherty.

The saying goes, “The best camera is the one that’s with you all the time,” and a recent ad by Apple stated that, “Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera.” Since the first generation iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, its camera function has been an integral part of its appeal and has improved vastly with each new release. And with the new improvements, the iPhone has become a legitimate camera, even used by professional photographers to create photos that can rival those taken with their fancier DSLR cameras.

What this means to the rest of us is that we have the potential to create some amazing images with something you can probably reach out and grab right now. Due to the growing popularity of mobile photography, there are now hundreds of new gadgets and apps and it’s hard to know which ones are worth the money and how use them effectively.  Join us in our new course, “iPhone Photography” taught by professional photographer Tom Flaherty to learn more about taking your iPhone snaps into professional territory. Classes start February 26, 2014.

To see some more examples of great iPhone photography, take a look at That Tree on Facebook which chronicles a beautiful tree growing in Southwestern Wisconsin and the 2013 Award Winners of the iPhone Photography contest.

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