Better Blogging

Woman on LaptopDid you know that there are 74,670,155 WordPress blogs out in the world? That number doesn’t even include blogs on Tumblr, Blogger and others. How do you begin and how do you stand out in a field like that? In our new course, “Better Blogging,” we tell you everything you need to know about the nuts and bolts of starting a blog like picking a platform (ex. WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr), designing your blog, how to set up Google Analytics, improving your results in search engines and advertising. Then, you hear from three popular local bloggers with specialties in photography, lifestyle, food writing, history and news that will share their insights and experiences.

Karen Walrond is author of Chookooloonks, an award-winning photoblog. Ms. Walrond is also an accomplished author, speaker and photographer. Ms. Walrond began her blog in 2004 as a personal parenting journal and it has transformed into an award-winning lifestyle, travel, inspiration and photo blog. Her blog has won many awards including the 2012 Top 100 Mom Blog and 2011 Top 50 Mom Blog from and was a finalist in The 2011 Bloggies.

Alison Cook is the restaurant critic for the Houston Chronicle. And has enthralled readers for years with her vibrant and descriptive writing style.

Melissa Kean, PhD., is Rice University’s first university historian and is the author of the popular Rice History Corner blog. Dr. Kean has kept readers entertained with photos and stories of Rice’s past and has a dedicated following.

If you ever thought, “I should start a blog!” or if you have one and just want to take it to the next level, then register for our class “Better Blogging.” Classes start February 24, 2014.

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