Flashback Friday: Instructor Spotlight on Peter Brown

Peter BrownWe have several instructors who have been with us for a long time, impacting countless students’ lives and witnessing many changes over the course of our school’s rich history. We are so grateful to all our instructors and can’t help but share some special Glasscock School memories from their perspective. One of our longtime instructors teaches “Advanced Photography Workshop with Peter Brown,” which is always a favorite. Instructor Peter Brown and I chatted about his experience at the Glasscock School then and now:

When did you start teaching here and was your class very different then?
I started teaching in the spring of 1981 – I believe that was the year – and the classes I taught at the Media Center were darkroom oriented to one degree or another, rather than critiques. My class now is a collection of a variety of very talented people, each of whom is involved in a personal project.

Are you excited about the new D. Kent and Linda C. Anderson and Robert L. and Jean T. Clarke Center?
The new building will be spectacular. It will be interesting to teach in a more comfortable place with better light, though I’ve liked the old building a lot. I have much affection for it, but this new one will allow us to display student work in a more efficient way in class, and in a safe and revealing setting on its walls (a gallery of sorts); it will be a big improvement. I really look forward to seeing it in its completed state and teaching in it.

Have you seen many changes during your tenure here at the Glasscock School?
The main change I’ve noticed in the Glasscock School over the years is the growth. What was a fairly small and unassuming program in the eighties has become a very powerful force at Rice and just as much so in the city of Houston. It truly matters, in many dimensions.

Can you recall any proud moments with your students over the years?
Really too many to mention. We have had books published which have won awards; we’ve had many students accepted into national juried shows; we’ve had students offered one-person exhibitions at galleries, alternative art spaces and even museums around the country. We’ve had students go on to serve on the boards of local photographic organizations such as The Houston Center for Photography and Foto Fest.

I think the thing that is the most satisfying for me is the community of photographers who have grown together over the years, a community that is supportive, friendly, informed and enormous fun to be around.

What do you enjoy about teaching courses at the Glasscock School?
I like the caliber of students who take the classes. They are invariably intelligent and talented – and often talented in a variety of fields. It’s been a pleasure to watch their work grow over the years.

I also enjoy working with the Glasscock School staff. They are easy to work with, organized, pleasant, funny and creative. Mary McIntire has done a phenomenal job of building a school (now literally) and filling it with interesting courses, a great staff and terrific students and teachers.

Kim Espinosa


Kim Espinosa, Marketing Specialist

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