The First of Many

Our First CourseAs we prepare to send the fall catalog to the printer today, its contents stand in stark contrast to Continuing Studies first course offering. But, one thing has remained the same: our desire to meet the continuing educational needs of the Houston area.
We recently found a brochure from the very first course offered by Continuing Studies in June of 1968. “The Physical Basis of Hydrocarbon Processing at Low Temperatures” may not have appealed to everyone, but certainly set us on the path to providing educational opportunities for the Greater Houston community and beyond. See the entire brochure. (pdf)

The original press release from 1967 announcing the school states, “Rice University will establish an Office of Continuing Studies designed to counter the current problem of professional obsolescence.”

Today, the Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies now attracts more than 15,000 enrollments each year to its non-credit and credit programs and is the leading university continuing education program in Houston.

6 thoughts on “The First of Many

  1. I remember this course so well: I was the one behind the scenes, being sure the copies were made for class, ferrying messages and sometimes people, and even got to listen to a few of our guest lecturers! It was great to be part of this “first” at Rice. Even better were the “first” discoveries that were made in my 20 something years of at Rice learning more and more about the best ways for Hydrocarbon Processing at Low Temperatures.

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