Like Mother, Like Daughter

Alexandra Hite

Alexandra and with her mother, De’Anne Hite, after receiving her undergraduate degree.

Commencement is this weekend for many Rice students, which brings with it the twin gifts of excitement at completing a monumental task and apprehension when considering the task of finding one’s first “real job.” Alexandra Hite was not unlike many students graduating in the coming weeks. Upon completing her BA in journalism from The University of Texas at Austin in 2011, Alexandra came home to Houston ready to jump in the job market. However, her enthusiasm gave way to discouragement as that dream job didn’t appear to be out there. Apart from some freelance work and a few contract jobs, Alexandra wasn’t having a lot of luck.

“It was really kind of a depressing time,” said Alexandra. “After working so hard in college, it was deflating to feel like I wasn’t starting my career yet.”

Not one to give up, Alexandra began considering other options. She had always been interested in law, but wasn’t ready to commit to the long-term plan and high cost of law school. Luckily, she knew of a path forward; Alexandra’s mother is a paralegal.

As mothers are prone to do, Alexandra’s cautioned her, wanting to be sure that she was pursuing this not out of familiarity, but because of a genuine interest. With Alexandra’s assurance, they began searching for a paralegal program, which lead them here to the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies.

Alexandra enrolled in our Paralegal program in August 2012, where she was equipped with the skills needed to pursue her interest in law and with the support to find that all important first real job. After completing the program in January 2013, Alexandra got that job in just a few weeks with Kinder Morgan.

“The Rice Paralegal Graduate Certificate Program is amazing,” Alexandra said. “The teachers were great and knew how to relay information to students no matter where they were in life; it was geared toward everybody in the best way.”

The Paralegal Graduate Certificate Program is offered in two formats – traditional classroom and online. Both formats employ the same curriculum, designed with input from attorneys and paralegals and are mother-approved.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Bret Newcomb


Bret Newcomb, Marketing Specialist

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