Getting the Most Out of Your iPad

iPad Course

It is hard to believe that it has only been three years since Apple first introduced the iPad. As of the third fiscal quarter of 2012, Apple has sold more than 100 million iPads worldwide. In a relatively short time, the iPad and other tablet computing devices have infiltrated our homes, schools and places of business.

With this new reality in mind, the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies is offering its “Getting the Most Out of Your iPad” course next week, April 25, 2013. This one-night course is formatted for beginner to intermediate users who own iPads, but have not yet learned to take full advantage of all of its capabilities. Our instructor, Daniel Barber, will walk you through the steps of initializing and personalizing your device, customizing basic settings, downloading and using apps, identifying the iPad’s hidden features and tricks, determining which peripherals might be effective for your individual needs and how you might use your iPad for business purposes.

Additionally, if you sign up for the course, we are offering a free beginners crash course in the hour proceeding “Getting the Most Out of Your iPad.” This session will help with the real basics, such as how to turn your iPad on and off, connect with WiFi, take a picture with the camera, download music from iTunes, purchase Apps, and more introductory skills for the iPad.

Sign up now and join the other 100 million-plus iPad users!

Bret Newcomb


Bret Newcomb, Marketing Specialist

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