Another Successful Summit

Center for College ReadinessThe Glasscock School’s Center for College Readiness hosted the annual College Readiness Summit on December 4, 2012, welcoming attendees from 20 different districts including charter schools and colleges. The one-day summit featured education policy experts, internationally acclaimed college readiness organizations and instructional leaders sharing knowledge and best practices with an audience of more than 200 administrators, counselors, teachers and parents. Participants learned about a variety of contemporary topics including how to close equity and achievement gaps, the importance of mentorship and leadership, and proven college readiness strategies.

To sum up how attendees felt about the conference, here is an email snippet forwarded to us by an attendee:

“I am so excited, more than usual. There was so much valuable information presented that I will have to share it with you in increments.  Right now I am on sensory overload and need to process a little more.”

See highlights from last year’s summit.

Go to for upcoming programs.

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