CCR Staff on the Frontlines

Sonya RamirezSonya Ramirez, an assistant director of the Center for College Readiness, was recently featured in an episode of PBS’s Frontline. The episode followed four students from Houston’s Sharpstown High School and highlighted the growing dropout rate among inner-city youth.

Prior to joining us, Ms. Ramirez taught all grade levels at Sharpstown. One of the students featured in the Frontline episode was in her class for a second semester after failing the first. Because of her time in the classroom, Ms. Ramirez understands the very real challenges that teachers face every day, and how the right resources and training can provide the skills needed to handle those challenges.

“I now help to provide resources for teachers so they can offer every opportunity to their students,” Ms. Ramirez said. “It was a hard decision to leave the classroom, but when I was offered the opportunity to make an impact exponentially, I could not pass it up. I miss my students more than they will ever know; they are in my constant thoughts and motivate me every day!”

Watch the episode of Frontline and tell us what you think.

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