Beyond the Hedges Film

Rice and Medical CenterThere is a new film celebrating the histories of Rice University and its home city of Houston called “Beyond the Hedges.” As you can see in the clip below, the significance of continuing education and the university’s impact on the city was always in founding president Edgar Odell Lovett’s vision.

One of our favorite quotes from Lovett’s historic keynote address explaining “The Meaning of the New Institution,” is “Education does not begin with the university, nor does it end in the university. It is a matter of life, the whole span of life….”

He continued his speech by saying, “Ladies and Gentlemen of Houston: At your gates there have arisen for all time the walls and towers and men of the Rice Institute, whose life is to be an integral part of your life, whose service is to be local in the best sense, whose significance, let us hope, may be State-wide, and even national, in its reach, on a foundation built for Houston, for Texas, the South, and the Nation.”

You can watch the film this Sunday, October 14, on Houston PBS at 5:00 p.m. For more information on the film, go to or read a recent article in CultureMap.

Bonus: Our dean, Mary McIntire, is one of the featured participants in the film.

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