Turrell Skyspace Opens to Public June 14

After months of anticipation, the James Turrell “Twilight Epiphany” Skyspace is opening to the public with a sunset light show this Thursday, June 14, 2012. Designed by renowned artist James Turrell and funded by Rice trustee and alumna Suzanne Deal Booth, the Skyspace is Rice University’s new working piece of art featuring acoustics for music performances and twice daily light shows. The Skyspace seats 120 people in its lower and upper viewing areas with a 72-by-72-foot white roof which offers a view of the sky through a 14-by-14-foot opening. The changing LED lights are projected on the ceiling which also changes the appearance of the sky above.

The Skyspace has two daily light shows with a morning show beginning 40 minutes before sunrise and the evening one beginning at sunset each day. Admission is free, but due to the interest in the Skyspace, reservations are required for the evening show. To make your reservation and to see an upcoming schedule of events, go to skyspace.rice.edu.

Turrell Skyspace Video

Click image to see video.

Bonus: According to a recent article, Turrell planned a skyspace at Rice with Dominique de Menil back in 1978 that would have been our next door neighbor.

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