Cook in the Kitchen with Chef Roger

This fall, Continuing Studies is excited to add a new cooking course to the menu – “Hands-On Cooking with Chef Roger.”

Cooking with Chef RogerLed by Rice’s chef Roger Elkhouri, CEC, ACE., this course will offer participants the opportunity to prepare eight distinctive menus, while learning cooking techniques at the elbow of a master. Both experienced cooks and those new to the kitchen will benefit from chef Roger’s guidance on ingredients, shopping for best results, party planning, food presentation and more.

“Putting the participants in direct contact with the food – feeling, smelling, cooking, tasting and presenting their own dishes – will extend their cooking repertoire, helping them to entertain and impress their guests all the more,” says chef Roger.

Classes begin September 15, 2012, and space is limited.

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UPDATE: This course is offered every semester. Please see our online catalog for upcoming course dates.

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