Rice ESL Students Discover America’s Favorite Pastime

Learning English as a Second Language at Rice offers our students the opportunity to learn about American culture in the classroom setting and in the community to experience our traditions first hand. Recently, international students from more than 20 countries watched Rice Baseball rally for a 6-5 victory over Texas State at Reckling Park in Houston.

Savannah Burch, ESL enrollment coordinator, said, “Most of our students come from countries where soccer is the popular sport and many of them had never heard of America’s favorite pastime. We spent the first half of the game explaining all the terms for each position and how a team scores. Several students wanted to know why the fans were so quiet since sporting events in their country are so loud. They said they cheer for both teams and make as much noise as they can. They certainly did their best to make up the difference!”

ESL students enjoying a recent Rice University vs. Texas State baseball game.

ESL students enjoying a recent Rice University vs. Texas State baseball game.

Our students have enjoyed other program-sponsored social activities after class, such as a karaoke party, picnics at Hermann Park and a barbecue luncheon with a real Texas cowboy. We understand our students need a healthy balance between studying and having fun, and we aim to provide them with the opportunity to be inspired in and out of the classroom. Have you done anything exciting in Houston lately?  Help enrich the minds of our international students by sharing your suggestions at the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies ESL Facebook page. Submit your ideas today!

To learn more about the Intensive English (ESL) Program at Rice University, visit esl.rice.edu. The next session begins June 22.

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