Saturday Sampler Series

Saturday Sampler SeriesWe often hear from participants in our personal development courses that when they read through our catalog each fall and spring, they have a hard time narrowing down their options to one or two courses to take.

The idea for our new Saturday Sampler Series sprang out of this common sentiment, along with the opportunity to introduce our courses to those interested in continuing education. The series, comprised of three Saturday morning lectures from either a current or recent Continuing Studies course, will give you a chance to experience individual lectures on a wide spectrum of topics. In this spring’s series, participants will delve into the legacy of King Arthur, visual illusions and the art of Vincent van Gogh with three of Continuing Studies’ most popular instructors. One might think of it as a sort of “lifelong learning buffet.”

After each 90-minute lecture, you will have the opportunity to visit with the instructor and to meet some of the other attendees over lunch or coffee at Salento, an on-campus eatery in the Brochstein Pavilion. A special discount on breakfast and lunch items will be available.

“We believe this return to the original university system still used in some European colleges will not only be a particularly rewarding experience for those who take advantage of the opportunity, but that it will also help develop a sense of community,” explains Steve Garfinkel, director of community programs.

So bring a friend and get a taste of what the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies has to offer. The Saturday Sampler Series begins April 21.

UPDATE: This course is offered every semester. For more information and to register, go to our online catalog.

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