Sketches of a Paris Holiday, Inspired by French Classes

Carol TenBrook, having taken French classes at Continuing Studies with instructor Josée Larsen, was so inspired by her instruction that she took an extensive trip to Paris and chronicled her experiences in a series of beautiful color sketches.

Carol combined the sketches into a book and presented it to Josée. The note to Josée read “Your enthusiasm and encouragement have created in me a real love of the French language and country. Because you made learning French so much fun, I continued on long beyond my original intentions to learn a few phrases.

“I never would have done this sketchbook or taken a trip like this to Paris had our paths not crossed,” she wrote.

Carol’s sketches are so lovely we wanted share some of  them with you, set to a little music to put you in the Parisian spirit:

Sketchbook Video

Click image to see video.

Carol took beginning through advanced-level classes with Josée, who calls Carol one of her success stories. According to Josée, Carol “took full advantage of the opportunities we offer here. She completed the full cycle of French classes to achieve a high level of functionality in her target language. She was able to travel to France, rent an apartment, rent a car and communicate on her own in France.”

Josée is a recipient of the Glasscock School Teaching Award as well as the Palmes académiques from the French government, an award given to French academic and cultural figures.

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