Halfway There Party

In October, we announced that we were halfway to our fundraising goal of $24 million for the new Continuing Studies building. To celebrate, we invited donors, friends and staff to a get-together on November 4. Dean Mary McIntire and Susie Glasscock addressed the crowd, thanked them for their generous support and asked for help to reach the final goal.

“When Mel and I made the endowment for the school,” Susie said, “we wanted to see the school grow. We wanted to see new programs. If you look around at the staff that’s come in and you read about the new programs, it’s working. It really is. Now we need a place to live.”

Then, donning a hard hat, Susie said “The next time we get together I want to wear this, and I want to break ground.”

See highlights of the event:

Click to see Halfway Party Video

Click to see our Halfway Party Video

To effectively illustrate the halfway mark, we ordered a “half cake” to serve at the event. Sarah Orr of Let There Be Cake rose to the challenge with a spectacular Rice-themed half cake, which turned out to be the hit of the party.

Halfway Cake

Halfway Cake Close-up

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