Continuing Studies Catalogs through the Years

To help commemorate the Rice Centennial we’re creating our own historical review for the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies. It will include a few fun facts and videos, so look for that soon.

1974 Catalog

Courses from 1974

One of the interesting features will be a look at all of our catalog covers through the years. Our first classes started in 1968, and for the first several years there weren’t enough courses to publish a real “catalog” so most were publicized with individual brochures. So from the early years we’re including anything that listed a group of courses. We are missing some years, unfortunately.

The first one in the set is an ad from 1974 with a course titled “The Businessman’s Guide to Computers and Data Processing.” Don’t you want to go back in time and hear what was said?

As you will see the early designs were pretty sterile. For many years, when we had three catalogs per year (winter, spring, fall), the designer would just change the color on the cover to match the season: Typically blue for winter, green for spring and some sort or rust or brown for fall. Year after year. Not too creative, huh?

Thankfully, that changed in the late 1990s, and our personality started to show through.

Take a look at our catalogs through time. 

Do you have a favorite?

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