Sneak Peek at Spring 2012 “Arts, Humanities and Science” Courses

We’re hard at work finalizing courses for the spring, and we know many of you look forward to seeing the list of courses for the next semester. So below are the ones we’ve got working in our “Arts, Humanities, and Science” category within our Personal Development program.

We say this every semester, but this really is an incredible line-up of offerings:


William Shakespeare Chandos Portrait. The famous portrait named after its owner, James Brydges, 1st Duke of Chandos

Evening courses:

  • A Case en Pointe: Behind the Scenes with Houston Ballet
  • A City Builds Its Identity: Houston’s Deco Era
  • Amazing Birds of the World
  • China: Perspectives on an Evolving Nation
  • The Emancipation Proclamation: A Rare Look at a Monumental Document
  • The Legacy of the Middle Ages
  • The Mormons: History and Ethnography
  • New Developments in the Texas Medical Center
  • Rice: The Evolution of a University
  • Rothko and “Red”
  • Spotlight on Rice University’s Department of Religious Studies
  • Titanic: A Tragedy Revisited
  • The World and Works of William Shakespeare

Daytime courses:

  • Everyday Mysticism: Theology of the Spiritual Life
  • From Stonehenge to Chivalry: Ancient and Medieval Britain
  • Mental Gymnastics to Boost Brainpower and Communication Skills

Because they aren’t all finalized, we can’t give out any more details than titles, but they will be available for registration at on December 15.

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