Dennis Huston: A Dialog that Lasts a Lifetime

One of the great advantages of taking courses at the Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies is the exposure to world class instructors from Rice University. Dennis Huston, professor of English, is a frequent instructor in our personal development and Master of Liberal Studies programs.

“I think a course with Dennis is not simply a course that ends at a certain time. It is the beginning of a dialog that lasts a lifetime, ” Nicolas Shumway, Dean of Humanities.

Since coming to Rice University in 1969, Dennis Huston has become one of Rice University’s most well-known professors. Anyone who enters his classroom walks away with an experience they will never forget. His teaching has received national recognition by being named the CASE 1989 Professor of the Year and he has recorded video lectures on Shakespeare and detective fiction for The Teaching Company.

Get a glimpse of Dennis in action in the classroom in the video below.

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